PLncDB:Plant Long noncoding RNA Database
released August 24th, 2012

Our lab has released 6,480 lincRNA and profiled 4,652 Long Non-coding RNA


verify 1,340 intergenic regions | Mar 19,2012

profile 4,650 lincRNAs | Sep 19,2011

find 6,480 lincRNAs | July 19,2011

find 13,230 intergenic regions | June, 12, 2011



We have identified a large number of Arabidopsis long noncoding RNAs by analysis of 200 tiling array datasets and RNA-seq data derived from 4 libraries. More than 13,000 RNAs were found transcribed from intergenic regions of the Arabidopsis thaliana genome. These intergenic transcription units (TUs) could be further classified into following groups:

data statistics

Long noncoding RNAs are expressed in a temporal and/or spatial specific manner. Many genomic regions encoding long noncoding RNAs were found to be associated with DNA methylation and histone modification, such as H3K4me3,H3K27me3, H3K36me3 and H3K9me3, etc. To provide comprehensive information for the plant research community, we collected a variety of RNA-seq ,tiling array, CHIP-chip, CHIP-seq and small RNA datasets, and integrated them into the genome browser. These datasets are shown in following table:

data statistics

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